CasperPad — the first Casper native IDO

We are thrilled to announce the new way of CasperPad — Casper native IDOs! We are extremely happy and deeply grateful for the progress CasperPad has made, all thanks to the wonderful community! Since the start of CasperPad, we have been able to introduce promising projects that truly add value to the Casper Ecosystem. As has been our goal from the start — to build the Casper Ecosystem to be one of the greatest.

A new milestone: The first-ever Casper native IDO

You’ve read that right, CasperPads’ next IDO will be THE FIRST Casper native IDO! This is a very big milestone for CasperPad and a big step toward expanding and building the Casper Ecosystem! CasperPad has yet again built a use case for your CSPR Tokens, continue reading the article to learn how exactly it will work.

Milestone after milestone after milestone after…

Dual IDO platform

Because as of now CasperPad can launch Casper native IDOs, we had to make some changes to the process. One of these changes is that CasperPad will be functional as a Dual IDO platform! This means that we will maintain our platform on Binance Smart Chain and in addition, we will build our second platform on the Casper Network. These new changes are currently in development and will be finished within a short period. For the next IDO on CasperPad, allocation payments can be completed with either BEP-20 BUSD/USDC or with CSPR Tokens!

The best news!

To celebrate this in the best way possible, the next IDO process will be extraordinary. Every IDO participant will have the option to buy their allocation twice! Participants can buy their allocation via Binance Smart Chain with the accepted stable coins, via the Casper Network with CSPR Tokens, or both! It is completely up to the participants!

CSPR Allocation

Because the price of CSPR fluctuates, we have to choose a set value at a certain date and time before the IDO opens. When this value is chosen, we will communicate the Allocation sizes for every Tier accordingly. This value will be chosen roughly two days before the IDO.

How to participate in future IDOs

With the new additions to the CasperPad IDO process, some things change for the participants as well. Please read the points below carefully to learn how you can participate in future CasperPad IDOs.

  • Passing KYC
    Note. if you already passed KYC you do not need to do it again, your CSPR wallet address will be collected through Viralsweep
  • Viralsweep (* New addition: extra field for CSPR Signer Wallet address)
  • Staking CSPD on the CasperPad staking page according to the Tiers
    Note. the new tier upgrade will be announced in the coming days

IMPORTANT. You will only be able to participate in CasperPad IDOs with the Casper Signer wallet

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