SkyBridger — earning wCSPR tokens by holding SKBR

4 min readMay 30, 2022

SkyBridger is a Bridge between Casper Network and other chains, starting with Binance Smart Chain. By holding the SkyBridger token $SKBR, you will earn the bridge fees that are generated by the bridge users. In this article, we will go over hypothetical earnings for SKBR token holders. SkyBridger is a product of CasperPad.

CSPR volume

The Casper Network is currently in the top-150 coins on CoinMarketCap. There are two reasons for this; first, there is the great market capitalization, and second, there is the high daily volume. At the time of writing, CSPR has a market capitalization of 275 million USD and an average daily volume of 12 million USD/160 million CSPR per day! These numbers can be found on the Casper Network CoinMaketCap profile. For the calculations and assumptions that will be made in this article, we will mainly use the average daily volume.

The way CSPR is being traded

Currently, all CSPR coins that are traded are either being traded on centralized exchanges or are being traded OTC. For the calculations and assumptions in this article, we will only look at CSPR coins that are traded on centralized exchanges, since this number is publicly shown on CoinMarketCap. Using only this number will also result in a less favorable outcome, which makes the assumptions more secure.

Due to SkyBriger, CSPR can now be traded the decentralized way! People can now bridge their CSPR to BSC or vice versa using SkyBridger and trade their wCSPR on Decentralized Exchanged like The Swappery and Pancakeswap.

Don’t know how to use bridge? Read the SkyBridger guide for instructions!


To calculate a projected revenue for SKBR holders, a few assumptions need to be made. These assumptions are the following:

  • The average CSPR volume since February is 12 million USD per day
  • The average CSPR price since February is $0.075
  • The average CSPR volume since February is 160 million CSPR coins per day
  • SKBR Token price is $0.011
  • 2.5 / 5 / 10 percent of the daily volume will be traded the decentralized way and thus go through the bridge

Assumptions are based on CoinMarketCap Historical Data

Fee revenue generated for SKBR holders

The image below shows the fee revenue estimates that SKBR holders will earn. This example is based on the assumptions made above. Tier 4 was used as an illustration, which had an allocation worth $450. The difference between IDO revenue and Market revenue lies in the number of SKBR tokens they hold. An IDO participant bought 45.000 SKBR tokens for $450, whereas a Market buyer would get a little under 41.000 SKBR tokens based on the assumptions made. Both estimated revenues are extremely high and show a very bright future for SkyBridger!

Want to start earning revenue as well? Buy SKBR now on The Swappery or Pancakeswap!

SkyBridger — Fee revenue generated scenarios

Return on Investment

Another option to earn passively in the Casper Ecosystem is to stake your CSPR coins. Doing this will earn you roughly 10% annually. If you compare the estimated SKBR holders’ earnings with the earnings from staking your CSPR coins, you will see that the SKBR holder earnings, with a ROI of 50–200% are way higher and thus by far the best option! The estimated ROI is no guarantee of course, the more the bridge is used the higher the earnings will be.

ROI calculations are based on the USD values shown in the assumptions

The math behind the fee revenue example (IDO Tier 4)

Bridge volume = daily volume * share of CSPR volume
Bridge volume = 160,000,000 CSPR * 2.5% = 4,000,000 CSPR

1D CSPR earnings = (bridge volume / total supply) * SKBR holding
1D CSPR earnings = (4,000,000 / 100,000,000) * 45,000 = 9 CSPR

1Y CSPR earnings = 1D earnings * 365
1Y CSPR earnings = 9 CSPR * 365 = 3,285

1Y USD earnings = 1Y earnings * CSPR price
1Y USD earnings = 3,285 CSPR * $0.075 = $246.38

ROI = 1Y USD earnings / initial investment
ROI = $246.38 / $450 = 55%

Disclaimer. CasperPad does not give financial advice, the numbers used in the article are examples and are for educational purposes only.

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