SkyBridger — IDO Recap and Upcoming Plans

3 min readApr 16, 2022


On April 11th 2022, CasperPad successfully held SkyBridger’s IDO. We are delighted to announce 646 new $SKBR Token Holders sharing 18,362,454.45 $SKBR Tokens from the IDO! We want to thank all our supporters and participants!

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The SkyBridger Token acquired huge interest; after the listing, the price rose to $0.146, which equals a 14x! The ROI (Return on Investment) for participants was as high as the initial amount invested. Furthermore, participants will be able to profit via the Bridge’s actual utilization — earning bridging fees by holding the $SKBR Token.

New to SkyBridger?

SkyBridger is a Bridge between Casper Network and other chains, starting with Binance Smart Chain. SkyBridger is made for the Community to earn fees by holding its token, $SKBR. The decentralized nature of SkyBridger makes it so that the community owns the project. This means that the community will earn from the fees generated by bridge users when transferring Tokens. Fee profits will be distributed by the end of each month.

Upcoming Plans

Starting this week, we will announce the Test Phase of SkyBridger. Our Community will be the first to initiate bridging native Casper Token to receive Wrapped Casper on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Network and vice versa. The process implies that the users will receive wCSPR Tokens as BEP-20 Tokens on the BSC Network. Which is a BSC Version of CSPR.

There are no possibilities to purchase Casper Tokens on a Decentralized Exchange until now. A Wrapped CSPR Token is the most promising solution to give the Casper community another option to trade Casper Tokens without the need to use any CEXs (Centralized Exchanges). With SkyBridger, new possibilities arise. Users can bridge their Casper Tokens and create Liquidity Pools on a DEX, such as The Swappery, bringing Casper Blockchain to the Multichain world!

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Full allocation buyer Airdrop

As promised, an Airdrop of 500,000 $CSPD was distributed to 395 participants who bought their full allocation in SkyBridger’s Public Sale.

Airdrop Visual

What is next at CasperPad?

The first-ever Casper native IDO is being planned. We are building the CasperPad IDO platform on Casper Network, in preparation to execute the first IDO on Casper Network. We will be sharing all information about the upcoming IDO in the coming week!

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More updates on SkyBridger will come, stay tuned!

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