The CasperPad Tier system — February 2022

2 min readFeb 23, 2022

After the February unlock of the $CSPD public sale, the CasperPad team announced their new tiers. This article contains all the necessary information regarding the tier system, and how it is relevant for joining future CasperPad IDOs.

The Tiers

The tiers after the February 2022 public sale unlock can be seen in the image below. These are the Tiers that apply to the first IDO on CasperPad — The Swappery! Each tier has a required amount of $CSPD tokens that need to be staked to unlock it. Staking your $CSPD tokens can be done through the CasperPad App. If you have 15'000 $CSPD tokens staked you will be in tier 3, for instance. Each tier also has a corresponding pool weight. This weight will determine your allocation size. More information on that can be found further down in the article. It is expected that tiers 1 through 6 will have additional social requirements to join the IDOs on CasperPad. More information on this matter will be shared in the near future.

Only $CSPD staked in pool V2 will count towards the tiers. More information can be found here.

The CasperPad Tiers after February 2022 public sale unlock


Everyone that passed KYC and is staking enough CasperPad tokens will be eligible to participate in the IDOs on CasperPad. The amount of $CSPD tokens you are staking will determine what tier you will be in. Before each IDO on CasperPad a snapshot will be taken of all the stakers. This snapshot is your KYC and staking deadline. The snapshot will be taken 4 days before the IDO opens. If you stake after this deadline, your newly staked tokens will not count towards the tiers.

Allocation Size

The allocation size per tier will be calculated after the snapshot is taken. You will have enough time to fund your whitelisted wallet in the IDO approaching days, but of course, we recommend preparing as early as possible. The pool weight and our fair hybrid solution will determine the allocation size per tier, which does not allow tier 2 to have a smaller allocation than tier 1, for instance.

Future Tier Changes

The vesting of CasperPads public sale is still ongoing, hence we will change the tier system with every unlock. These changes are made so that we can implement our promised hybrid tier model. It allows you to use your unlocked $CSPD tokens fairly for the IDOs on CasperPad.

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